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The Last Flight THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER THE INSTANT USA TODAY BESTSELLER Two Women Two Flights One Last Chance To DisappearClaire Cook Has A Perfect Life Married To The Scion Of A Political Dynasty, With A Manhattan Townhouse And A Staff Of Ten, Her Surroundings Are Elegant, Her Days Flawlessly Choreographed, And Her Future Auspicious But Behind Closed Doors, Nothing Is Quite As It Seems That Perfect Husband Has A Temper That Burns As Bright As His Promising Political Career, And He S Not Above Using His Staff To Track Claire S Every Move, Making Sure She S Living Up To His Impossible Standards But What He Doesn T Know Is That Claire Has Worked For Months On A Plan To VanishA Chance Meeting In An Airport Bar Brings Her Together With A Woman Whose Circumstances Seem Equally Dire Together They Make A Last Minute Decision To Switch Tickets Claire Taking Eva S Flight To Oakland, And Eva Traveling To Puerto Rico As Claire They Believe The Swap Will Give Each Of Them The Head Start They Need To Begin Again Somewhere Far Away But When The Flight To Puerto Rico Goes Down, Claire Realizes It S No Longer A Head Start But A New Life Cut Off, Out Of Options, With The News Of Her Death About To Explode In The Media, Claire Will Assume Eva S Identity, And Along With It, The Secrets Eva Fought So Hard To Keep Hidden The Last Flight Is The Story Of Two Women Both Alone, Both Scared And One Agonizing Decision That Will Change The Trajectory Of Both Of Their Lives

About the Author: Julie Clark

Born and raised in Santa Monica, California, Julie Clark grew up reading books on the beach while everyone else surfed After attending college at University of the Pacific, and a brief stint working in the athletic department at University of California, Berkeley, she returned home to Santa Monica to teach She now lives there with her two young sons and a golden doodle with poor impulse control The Ones We Choose is her first novel.

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    ADDICTIVEIf we don t tell our own stories, we ll never take control of the narrative The Last Flight is a psychological thriller about two women whose chance encounter provides them the opportunity to escape from their demons in the form of a dark and dangerous Freaky Friday Claire and Eva are at a crossroads in their lives Claire is trying to escape from her abusive husband, whil

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    NOW AVAILABLE It s rarely that I give a thriller 5 stars but this one was exceptionally good I thought the dual plot lines flowed well and I didn t have any trouble shifting from one woman s story to the other There is a lot of back and forth but it s easy to follow.So as women sometimes I think we ve come so far but yet there are still so many women out there being abused by their husban

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    Okay, this was really goodTwo women in crisis meet at the airport and decide to switch tickets and escape their terrible circumstances Claire has choreographed her escape from abusive, douchey, Senate seeking husband Rory with microscopic precision But her plans disintegrate at the last minute forcing her to punt on the fly and well, what if what she s getting is worse than what she has I loved t

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    It s been a tough year for thrillers But after seeing so many fabulous reviews for this book, I knew I had to pick this one up I was becoming desperate for the elusive five star thriller And, drum roll I got it Claire is trapped in an abusive relationship And it won t be easy for her to just skip away Her husband is well known, powerful and influential in the political circles.Poor Eva s life has never b

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    HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY THIS WAS THE BEST THRILLER I HAVE READ THIS YEAR BAR NONE CLAIRE She married into a political dynasty, and she is expected to perform her role as the future Senator s wife, PERFECTLY.EVA Despite being raised in the Foster Care system, she is doing well in College, until SHE meets the wrong guy.TWO vulnerable women TWO impossible situations.Until, they meet in an airport bar, and make a deci

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    The Last Flight introduces us to two women, both running from deadly adversaries, hoping to disappear forever, to start a new life and leave the pain of their old lives behind These women are strangers but meet each other in an airport, have a drink together, and then trade their IDs and other important items, including their plane tickets From there they are off to a very new and unknown life Neither woman really knows

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    This is unique, poignant, twisty, breathtaking page turner This story isthan a mystery or thriller it s emotional , thought provoking, moving, heartbreaking women s fiction So this is so different from the other thrillers I ve read this year Two desperate women deserve clean slates by leaving their old lives that suffocating, slowly killing them.Claire from exterior, she seems like having a dreamy life, married with charming, w

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    This week I challenged myself to read three recent hyped thrillers The others books I read were The Swap and The Wife Stalker trigger warning for physical and drug abuseLike many, she d grown tired of watching powerful men never being held accountable, boys will be boys evolving into an impenetrable armor, shielding them from blame The book follows Claire and Eva, two different women who boarded two different flights One narrates the p

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    4 StarsEvery Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction There s no looking back for Claire or Eva, who meet at a bar at JFK Airport Both desperately need to escape, thus escape they shall Realizing that their chance meeting gives them exactly what they need, they switch tickets and identities Claire takes Eva s flight to Oakland, while Eva takes Claire s flight to Puerto Rico A Last Minute Decision Two Women s Lives Changed Forever.Claire and E

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    An easy 5 stars Well, this is how you write a suspense thriller This is the story of two vulnerable and brave women who want to escape from their world which has become too dangerous to live in Claire Cook is married to Rory, a family dynasty not unlike the Kennedys Rory presents a charismatic, charming face to the world but that is not who or what he is Claire makes plans to vanish but these plans go awry At JFK airport she meets Eva, also on the run

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