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Make It Scream, Make It Burn: Essays A New Collection Of Essays About Obsession And Longing From Leslie Jamison, The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Recovering And The Empathy Exams A Combination Of Memoir, Criticism, And Journalism, Make It Scream, Make It Burn Is Leslie Jamison S Profound Exploration Of The Oceanic Depths Of Longing And The Reverberations Of Obsession Among Jamison S Subjects Are Blue, Deemed The Loneliest Whale In The World The Eerie Specter Of Reincarnated Children Devotees Of An Online Existence Called Second Life, To The Exclusion Of Their Real Lives Civil War Photography And An Entire Museum Dedicated To Relationship Breakups Through These Essays And Through Forays Into Her Own Obsessions And Longings, Jamison Delves Into The Nature Of Storytelling Itself We Wonder Alongside Her Whether It Is Ever Really Possible To Hear Someone Else S Story Without Somehow Making It Our Own, Without Seeing It Through The Cracked Windows Of Our Private SelvesThroughout These Essays, Jamison, Who Has Frequently Been Compared To Joan Didion And Susan Sontag, Shines The Spotlight Every Bit As Uncomfortably On Herself As She Does On Others Unlike The Standard Journalistic Practice, Jamison Acknowledges Her Emotional Investment In Her Subjects, Always With Utmost Clarity And Unwavering Empathy In Her View, True Art Cannot Be Made Any Other Way Indeed, This Refusal To Hide This Emotional Frankness Is Precisely The Quality That Makes Jamison S Questing And Irrepressible Voice Impossible Not To Fall In Love With

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    I feel like Jamison has matured in how she views relationships and other people These essays seeminterested in other people s motivations and quirks than her own, and she comes across as curious and empathetic In 2007, I wrote an article for an obscure music librarian journal about Second Life and she

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    Incisive and candid, Make It Scream, Make It Burn is Jamison s strongest work yet Moving from the external to the internal, the three part essay collection is thematically structured the first regards the loneliness and longing of others the second examines the bond between artists and their subjects, focusing

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    Leslie Jamison is one of the best nonfiction writers of our time Reading her on the page is exactly what I want always to be doing.

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    4 big stars, rounded up to 5 because one essay literally made me scream in this AH, LESLIE YOUR WRITING IS KILLING ME sort of way, which was followed by me reading like three paragraphs over again out loud to soak in her genius This is a solid collection of essays, to say the least Some of them I definitely want to revisit again O

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    metaphor always connects two disparate points it suggests that no pathos exists in isolation, no plight exists apart from the plights of others loneliness seeks out metaphors not just for definition but for the companionship of resonance, the promise of kinship in comparison. leslie jamison s writing is incisive and insightful, and, at its

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    I received an egalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review opinions are my own.Leslie Jamison is such a good essayist, y all She weaves together lyrical imagery, well researched facts, personal narrative and broad context so well in pretty much everything she writes This collection is organized in a really interesting way, and while th

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    Holy Moly James Agee, Reincarnation, the Loneliest Whale in the World, Vegas Casinos, Border Crossings, the Museum of Broken Relationships you name it, and Leslie Jamison has wrangled into this incredible new collection of essays Seriously, what a thrill to see so much new work from such a wonderful writer.I ll be interviewing Leslie Jamison on Wednesday, Sept

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    This collection is so insightful and thought provoking It is divided into three sections Longing, Looking and Dwelling Jamison, a masterful essayist weaves together personal narrative with well researched fact The subject matter within these essays are interesting, quirky and at times deeply personal Themes of lonliness, obsession, loss, marriage, relationships, motherh

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    Leslie Jamison is such a talented nonfiction writer This set of essays is categorized around 3 categories, which explore Longing, Looking, and Dwelling Jamison is at her best when she fuses an exploration of a topic with the personal e.g., the portrayal of step motherhood in literature and society and Jamison s own experience with step motherhood or explores individuals who might

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    Leslie Jamison is the greatest living American essayist This is much in the same vein as The Empathy Exams and The Recovering More personal than the Empathy Exams and feelstogetherso that the essays are pointing towards the same thing Early on I was hoping that there would be a move from the analytical reportage of the early essays to apersonal tone, which happened and fantastically so A g

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