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I'd Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life For So Many People, Reading Isn T Just A Hobby Or A Way To Pass The Time It S A Lifestyle Our Books Shape Us, Define Us, Enchant Us, And Even Sometimes Infuriate Us Our Books Are A Part Of Who We Are As People, And We Can T Imagine Life Without Them I D Rather Be Reading Is The Perfect Literary Companion For Everyone Who Feels That Way In This Collection Of Charming And Relatable Reflections On The Reading Life, Beloved Blogger And Author Anne Bogel Leads Readers To Remember The Book That First Hooked Them, The Place Where They First Fell In Love With Reading, And All Of The Moments Afterward That Helped Make Them The Reader They Are Today Known As A Reading Tastemaker Through Her Popular Podcast What Should I Read Next , Bogel Invites Book Lovers Into A Community Of Like Minded People To Discover New Ways To Approach Literature, Learn Fascinating New Things About Books And Publishing, And Reflect On The Role Reading Plays In Their Lives.The Perfect Gift For The Bibliophile In Everyone S Life, I D Rather Be Reading Will Command An Honored Place On The Overstuffed Bookshelves Of Any Book Lover.

About the Author: Anne Bogel

Anne Bogel is an author, the creator of the blog Modern Mrs Darcy, and host of What Should I Read Next podcast.Don t Overthink It Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life releases March 3, 2020.Her second book I d Rather Be Reading The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life explores the way our books shape, define, enchant, and even sometimes infuriate us It s the perfect gift for any bibliophile and will command an honored place on the overstuffed bookshelves of any book lover.Reading People How Seeing the World Through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything digs into Anne s experience with the personality frameworks she loves the most and walks you through 7 different frameworks, explaining the basics in a way you can actually understand She shares personal stories about how what she learned made a difference in her life and shows you how it could make a difference in yours, as well.Modern Mrs Darcy, which derives its name from a Jane Austen book, is a lifestyle blog for nerds who appreciate Anne s modus operandi of approaching old, familiar ideas from new and fresh angles While Modern Mrs Darcy isn t strictly a book blog, Anne writes frequently about books and reading Her book lists are among her most popular posts She is well known by readers, authors, and publishers as a tastemaker In 2016, she launched her podcast What Should I Read Next a popular show devoted to literary matchmaking, bibliotherapy, and all things books and reading.Anne lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband, four children, and a yellow lab named Daisy.

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    I found I d Rather Be Reading at my local library and couldn t resist I wasn t familiar with the author and it was the title that made me grab it This was a fun, quick read containing a collection of short essays regarding life as a reader Learni

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    Readers, listen up This book is a hot beverage a cozy blanket on a chilly evening, or a cold glass of sweet tea on a summer s day It is Bag End to Frodo Baggins It is delighted gasps, mhmmm s, giggles, I never thought of that s, I do that too s It is the

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    It has just come to my attention that I never reviewed my own book Well, I m making amends for that right now, today I hope readers find that this beautiful book does exactly what it set out to do entertain readers and delight them, make them laugh and maybe get

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    Do you have a friend with whom you can talk about your reading book addiction I don t really have one, but I felt like Anne Bogel was mine while I was reading her book I enjoyed this feeling so much I read a couple of nonfiction books about books, but that s the first o

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    I m a fan of Anne Bogel s I read her blog, The Modern Mrs Darcy, listen to her podcast, What Should I Read Next , so it was a no brainer to read her book, I d Rather Be Reading The subtitle alone brought joy to this reader One of my favorite parts of Bogel s book memories was h

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    I m a little torn on this one Really I think I would give this a 3.5 I enjoyed the chapters the first half probablyand found myself nodding along a lot as a fellow bookish girl But after getting to the end of the book, I felt it was a little dull I love and cherish books and I love enc

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    I really need to reread this one.I can so relate well with the author.What she feels about reading, writing, other authors,the different types of readers,book hoarders and so much .No one has ever put down in words the life of a reader so well.There are many books that were mentioned in the bo

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    A delightful collection of book ish essays by Anne I related so hard to all of the musings about being a reader, about book addictions, hoarding books, canceling plans to finish a read, etc Anne is a lovely person who has written a beautiful little book that you should definitely go read and then buy

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    Well, here I am again, having a total opposite opinion about a book than the majority of people on Goodreads I promise I wanted to like this and am not just being contrary just for the sake of it So important thing to note I have 131 books on my books about books shelf so you could very much say it is my thin

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    Having finished the book, the one question I had in mind was What was the point of this book Nothing I haven t already read in perhaps hundreds of lengthy articles and quirky blog posts of my favourite bookish people, and even then, from one link to another, I feltconnected and gotin depth approaches to almost every

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