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Front Desk Mia Tang Has A Lot Of SecretsNumber She Lives In A Motel, Not A Big House Every Day, While Her Immigrant Parents Clean The Rooms, Ten Year Old Mia Manages The Front Desk Of The Calivista Motel And Tends To Its GuestsNumber Her Parents Hide Immigrants And If The Mean Motel Owner, Mr Yao, Finds Out They Ve Been Letting Them Stay In The Empty Rooms For Free, The Tangs Will Be DoomedNumber She Wants To Be A Writer But How Can She When Her Mom Thinks She Should Stick To Math Because English Is Not Her First Language It Will Take All Of Mia S Courage, Kindness, And Hard Work To Get Through This Year Will She Be Able To Hold On To Her Job, Help The Immigrants And Guests, Escape Mr Yao, And Go For Her Dreams

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    Anyone who looks at the cover will think that it hides a light but perhaps still meaningful story It does not let on that the reader will be outraged at many of the characters and situations hidden inside.Mia Tang s family members are courageous and strong people, but they are immigrants who recently arri

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    Much deeper and complex than the playful cover indicates A wonderful story about immigrants, poverty, and family.

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    This middle grades novel features a Chinese American protagonist named Mia, a nasty hotel owner named Mr Yao, and the most realistic tackling of the subject of racism that I ve ever encountered in a juvenile lit read.Mr Yao is mean as hell and uses adult language my 9 11 year old daughters found this to be a scin

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    Mini review GR Ultimate Summer Reading Challenge Diversify Yourself.Trigger warning Racism, a break in wherein a character gets injured , and bullying.I heard about Front Desk through Twitter The cover caught my attention as did the synopsis I m happy to say that I enjoyed reading this I m honestly so surprised Front

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    Front Desk is a book that means a lot to me More importantly, I believe that Front Desk will be a book that will mean a lot to others immigrants of all ages, children, adults, parents The story is so full of heart It s full of empathy, compassion, and the goodness of people and their actions For this reason, I think Fro

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    For some reason I had incorrectly thought this was a graphic book I was looking for a quick read to read alongside my other main book and many ancillary books It s a regular text novel but it still worked the way I d hoped, a fast read, and a gripping read, and completely satisfying.But I ve been reading too many books with

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    Thanks to kidlitexchange for this review copy all opinions are my own Hands down one of my favorite middle grade titles of 2018, FRONT DESK is a spectacular and accessible glimpse into the life a 5th grade girl named Mia who lives in a motel that her parents manage It is also a glimpse into the life of many Chinese immigrants in

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    CW physical assault, racism, employee mistreatment, poverty, systemic oppression, anti blackness, bullying, talk of robbery and assault, hospital.I really do not know where to start with this review because I went into it not knowing what to expect, not even knowing what the book was about and it absolutely blew me away FRONT DESK i

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    4 stars Middle grade is quickly becoming one of my favorite genres, mostly because of stories like this one Placed in the 90 s, Mia and her family moved to the USA from China in hopes for a better future They get a job working at a hotel and realize they are completely overwhelmed and outnumbered Mia spends all her free time from school

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    Wow This book It tackles injustices for immigrants, and other communities, and I really admire the way Kelly Yang created that overlap and connection The story is centered around Mia, a young girl working with her parents at a motel near Disneyland who discovers that her writing has the power to fight injustice for herself and those around

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About the Author: Kelly Yang

Kelly Yang is the New York Times bestselling, award winning author of FRONT DESK, winner of the 2019 Asian Pacific American Award for Children s Literature, PARACHUTES forthcoming YA debut novel, May 2020, Harpercollins and THREE KEYS Front Desk Sequel, Sept 2020, Scholastic She was born in China and grew up in Los Angeles She went to college at the age of 13 and graduated from UC Berkeley at the age of 17 and Harvard Law School at the age of 20 After law school, she founded The Kelly Yang Project, a writing and debating program for children in Asia Prior to becoming a novelist, she wrote for many years for the South China Morning Post, The New York Times, Washington Post, and the Atlantic.