Jack Frusciante Has Left the Band: A Love Story- with Rock

Jack Frusciante Has Left the Band: A Love Story- with Rock 'n' Roll Alex D is on the verge of just about everything and consumed by a restless, unanswered longing that rebels against jumping through the hoops of school Staring down the tunnel to a mundane adulthood, he is appalled by the banality and overwhelming predictability of it all teachers, parents, and above all his classmates the seething masses of dutiful zombies and sistren of the Evervirgin Sorority A bicycle bandit with a DeNiro smile, Alex sports a homemade buzzcut, ditches school to drink and trade stories with his posse of delinquents and rogues, and chases away the blues by assailing his eardrums with the Clash He shares a brief friendship with the privileged, semi degenerate Martino, who seems to have mastered the devil may care stance Alex covets until he s busted for drugs And then comes the sudden entrance of Aidi, who seems to instantly understand, complement, and challenge him A hundred letters and conversations later, she is magnificent, amazing, irreplaceable and leaving for a year in America at the end of the summer

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    Of course this novel has no literary value But it has left a big footprint in my youth and in many others around me without being silly, teeny or vulgar.

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    I read this book some time ago.Anyway, I remember how much I loved it.If you re in your teen years it ll reach your heart, but I think it can be appreciable by adults tooThe main character, Alex, is like an italian Holden Caulfield of the 90sYou ll love him or you ll hate him, anyway he s a typical clever and thinking teenager.I loved the way this book is written and I l

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    Burgess wannabe failed.

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    This book was a major let down Maybe the title was deceiving to me because I thought it would drawinspiration from amazingly twisted yet beautiful life of musician John Frusciante, but there was actually very little about Frusciante s life in the book So I admit, my expectations were too high and were completely off about the book, but I still gave it a try However, I coul

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    Teenage angst and love in Bologna, Italy A slangy, slender book that absolutely sparkles with life It s been said that this is no literary work, but it moved me farthan another so called masterpiece in the same genre A Catcher in the Rye Brizzi s writing is jam packed with energy, humor, and impressionable moments of touching good will In the end I was almost surprised to f

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    I read this one a few years ago, right before I went to Rome to take a couple of summer classes I keep meaning to readof Brizzi s work, but I just haven t done so yet I really enjoyed the coming of age story presented in this work and need to look up someof Brizzi s books.

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    The book is exactly what it says on the tin, the awkward memoirs of a misguided teenager in love Nowhere near as good as Catcher in the Rye, or even better, Ham on Rye , but draws much of the same inspiration from that gap between youthful innocence and impending adulthood The novel is worth reading however just for the vivid descriptions of Italian or Bolognese youth culture

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    Interesting book with funny grammar to prove a point This is a very relatable book for all teenagers and certainly depict quite a picture of Alex s life i found it amusing and funny it had a lot of hidden messages and had an interesting plot to it with an intriguing twist around the end of the book It is not the usual book but it does paint a pretty good picture of how life fo

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    one of my favorite books of all time this book expressed who i was and who i wanted to be at age 16, and ive retained whole parts of it it was no accident the day i was kicked out of high school, when i had to give a monologue to pass my theater class, i chose a passage from this book.

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    it was a history novel, because the protagonist lived in the 1990s and I was able to read a bit of the world of the teens in that decade The story is a sort of Christiane F The guys from the Berlin Zoo , an iconic novel and movie of the 1980s, but here the protagonist, a hard 17 yrs old guy, with problems of addictions is saved by a class mate, who eventually becomes his girlfri

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