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My Name Is Red At once a fiendishly devious mystery, a beguiling love story, and a brilliant symposium on the power of art, My Name Is Red is a transporting tale set amid the splendor and religious intrigue of sixteenth century Istanbul, from one of the most prominent contemporary Turkish writersThe Sultan has commissioned a cadre of the most acclaimed artists in the land to create a great book celebrating the glories of his realm Their task to illuminate the work in the European style But because figurative art can be deemed an affront to Islam, this commission is a dangerous proposition indeed The ruling elite therefore mustn t know the full scope or nature of the project, and panic erupts when one of the chosen miniaturists disappears The only clue to the mystery or crime lies in the half finished illuminations themselves Part fantasy and part philosophical puzzle, My Name is Red is a kaleidoscopic journey to the intersection of art, religion, love, sex and power

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    This book is as much about art as it is a historical novel First the novel A tale of miniaturist painters in Istanbul during the late 1500 s The deceased master s daughter is in a religious and political limbo her soldier husband has been missing for four years, but with no body and no witnesses to his death, she can t get a divorce and move on with her life She wants to fi

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    Generally, when a book starts out with a chapter entitled I Am A Corpse, you know it s going to be pretty good The novel is set up so that each chapter introduces a different narrator, including but not limited to , Black, Black s uncle, Shekure, a dog, a horse, the murderer and various artists in the workshop This type of structure for a mystery novel isn t new Wilkie Colli

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    Benim Ad m K rm z My Name is Red, Orhan Pamuk My Name Is Red is a 1998 Turkish novel by writer Orhan Pamuk translated into English by Erda G knar in 2001 Pamuk would later receive the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature The novel, concerning miniaturists in the Ottoman Empire of 1591, established Pamuk s international reputation and contributed to his Nobel Prize The influences of

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    My Name is Red is as gorgeous as these illuminations.The narrative flows with the weight of such a lush artistic style.It is a dazzling brilliance that creates a languid beautythat bogs the story down so much I couldn t tell you what the fuck happened My Name is Red is as gorgeous as these illuminations.The narrative flows with the weight of such a lush artistic style.It is a

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    This is a fantastic book by Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk which explores the relationship between art and religion ad between imagery and idolatry Set in the 16th century, we are transported into an Istanbul of the Ottoman empire with a murder mystery told in the voices of the characters and sometimes these are drawings in the books or just concepts that inhabit the story Its

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    On a high version I am called Black, I longed for my dearest Shekure for twelve years I, Shekure, not quite sure what was I doing in this story I am called Butterfly, I was the one who drew the Death and Mia thought I was the murderer I am called Stork, I was the one who drew the Tree and Butterfly always envy me as I wastalented without the help from our master I am called Oliv

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    My fickle heart longs for the West when I m in the East and for the East when I m in the West.My other parts insist I be a woman when I m a man and a man when I m a woman.How difficult it is being human, even worse is living a human s life.I only want to amuse myself frontside and backside, to be Eastern and Western both.This is Pamuk s enduring, never ending obsession He s writ

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    I am in two minds about this book.Obviously, it is an important work It showcases the miniaturist tradition of the Islamic world, and uses the cloistered world of miniaturists to explore the difference in philosophies between the East and the West It was all theinteresting to me because I have been fascinated by this difference ever since I began viewing paintings with serious int

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    During nine snowy, cold, winter days in the fabulous city of Istanbul the capital of the Ottoman Empire, at its height in the reign of Sultan Murat 111 there occurred a brutal murder, not the last one the year 1591 At the bottom of an abandoned well the mangled body of Elegant Effendi nicknamed Red, a miniaturist who had worked for the Sultan is found but not before the corpse tell

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    Arguably the best novel of Orhan Pamuk Set in Istanbul during the height of Ottoman power, this novel is a tribute to the art of painting as well as a fascinating murder mystery which will keep you hooked till the end The unusual narrative is felt with full force right from the start as you read the first chapter, starting with the voice of a corpse at the bottom of the well wonderi

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