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Life Can Be a Miracle “There are only two ways to live your life One is as though nothing is a miracle The other is as though everything is a miracle” Albert EinsteinThis is the motto of the cheerful debut novel by Ivinela Samuilova Life Can Be a Miracle InIvinela Samuilova met Alexey Bachev who, at the time, worked as psychologist in the Ministry of Defence in Bulgaria She became intrigued by his personality and the manner he worked with people seeking his help Ivinela started documenting what he did and at the end ofshe wrote Life Can Be a Miracle, convincing Alexey to keep his real name in her novel because she wanted people to learn about him and his unusual approach to reality The story of the female protagonist Adie presents the life of the majority of people today – life stuck in social frameworks that define and limit what is 'possible and impossible', 'real and unreal', 'feasible and unfeasible', 'acceptable and unacceptable'Adie realized that, dragged along by her fears, beliefs and prejudices, she had replaced her true identity with a personality scattered about in different roles She believes that only by finding her Vocation, will she be able to make sense of her existence and once again restore the integrity of her personality Cue her meeting with the extraordinary psychologist Alexey, who helps her look at herself and her life from a point of view she would probably never otherwise haveAlexey’s unusual lessons, that start with a tiny piece of blue cheese and a huge fork, reveal practically how to break away from hypnotically living our lives following fixed social models We discover, bit by bit, how to restore a direct and holistic connection with the world This is the only possible way to turn our ordinary life into an extraordinary experience Книга, в която търсим отговор на въпроса „Какво, по дяволите и за Бога, можем да направим? А да правим?“Отговорите на главната търсачка Ади не просто ми допаднаха – те ме разсмиваха, размисляха и даже ме раздействаха сегизтогиз (Па ако ще и колкото да се наритам с кубинките „Виж се в какво дърво си се превърнал, ент с ент такъв“.)П.П Това е найнеподходящата корица, която съм виждал от както се помня като читател :/ Ако сте от хората, които вярват, че със силата на мисълта си може да повлияете на това дали да вали и колко; ако считате, че на Вселената ѝ пука за вас и се върти около пъпа ви; ако намигването на всеки гълъб е персонален Знак, който трябва да разгадаете; ако обичате да регресирате до детски магически реализъм тази книга е за вас.Между другото тръпки ме побиват от тази корица, брррр. This book will appeal mostly to people who enjoy reading selfhelp, psychology, metaphysical and spiritual books or inspirational novels with a message It does not necessarily read as a typical novel, though there is an enjoyable storyline that surrounds the insightful information The book was translated into English from Bulgarian and the translation and the writing are excellent.The story revolves around Adie, a woman who is searching for her purpose and Alexey, an unusual psychologist who runs seminars that Adie attends I was most interested to discover that Alexey is a real person whom the author received permission from to use his real name and share his distinctive methods This made the book all theinteresting for me because the information is authentic, and after trying out some of the techniques myself, I found that they actually work!Alexey’s seminars are sometimes described in detail which I found fascinating It was almost as though I was attending the seminar myself, which would be impossible under any other circumstance, because Alexey Bachev lives in Bulgaria and speaks Bulgarian I read many nonfiction books, articles and listen to various speakers on these topics, so for me this was a unique experience.Here is an edited section from one of Alexey’s seminars We all hold a mental map in our heads about what life is, how to live, who we are, what is possible, what is not possible and so on This mental map determines our perception of the world, but what it shows us in not the world…It is like when you pour liquid into a container: the liquid takes the form of the container In the same way, reality flows into our (mental) maps, and thus our maps shape our reality When we fill our mind with something, like a problem for example, then our mental map will take the shape of the problem… In other words, the mental map that we hold shapes our reality that we experience… (But) we can go beyond the limits of the reality that we have shaped.There are so many interesting insights that the book took me longer than usual to read, as I stopped to take notes and digest them I do hope that the author considers translating her other novels in English so that I can read them too.I think that this book will appeal to anyone who has an open mind, a sense of adventure and humor, an interest in psychology, believes that we can shape our reality, and would like to learn some different and fun ways on how to handle a problem.

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