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El juego del ángel En la turbulenta Barcelona de los añosun joven escritor obsesionado con un amor imposible recibe la oferta de un misterioso editor para escribir un libro como no ha existido nunca, a cambio de una fortuna y, tal vez, mucho más Con estilo deslumbrante e impecable precisión narrativa, el autor de La Sombra del Viento nos transporta de nuevo a la Barcelona del Cementerio de los Libros Olvidados para ofrecernos una gran aventura de intriga, romance y tragedia, a través de un laberinto de secretos donde el embrujo de los libros, la pasión y la amistad se conjugan en un relato magistral

About the Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Carlos Ruiz Zafón was a Spanish novelist Born in Barcelona in , he lived in Los Ángeles, United States, since , and worked as a scriptwriter aside from writing novelsHis first novel, El príncipe de la niebla The Prince of Mist earned the Edebé literary prize for young adult fiction He is Download PDF Books also the author of three youngadult novels, El palacio de la medianoche , Las l.

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    David Martín is a writer of penny dreadfuls who is offered a huge sum of money to write a book for a French publisher. He can't find any evidence that the publisher actually exists though, and violent things start happening to David's friends and colleagues.

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    The book starts out so well, rich in a character, humor, and a powerful sense of place. It captivated me from the first few pages. I couldn't wait to keep reading. I rewarded myself with it each night. I felt I was reading a truly great book, one I was certain would become a b

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    4.5/5 stars

    The Angel’s Game is another incredible book by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. It’s as good as The Shadow of the Wind in a different way.

    More than a month has passed since I finished reading The Shadow of the Wind that enthralled me, and not gonna lie, I had an inkl

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    Hats off to you, Sir!

    I love this author so damn much!!!

    First, let's get the confusion out of the way. The Angel's Game, though the second book to the beautiful Shadow of the Wind, is neither a prequel nor a sequel.
    Essentially it is a stand-a

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    Like me, you will probably read The Angels' Game because you enjoyed immensely the author's The Shadow of the Wind. And it's all here again: the musty dusty bookstores of Barcelona with their Borges-like labyrinths and secret passageways. Decaying old mansions; a brooding half-crazed, over-caffeinated w

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    David Martin is a pulp fiction writer struggling in life. He went to Barcelona in hope of a better future, and the mysterious man with an unbelievable offer seemed to fulfill his wish. The events after he accepted the offer changed his life forever.

    The first book,

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    This book was ALMOST a 5 star read for me. I really, really enjoyed it, and wish that I could give it 5 stars, but I feel like the loose ends were kind of rubber-banded together, rather than tied up all nice and pretty.

    But first I want to talk about the writing. GOR-GEOUS. Ruiz Zafon captured me with the fir

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    My, oh my! I had such great expectations from the book - I know, it's not fair - and I was so disappointed about how it ends I actually don't know anymore if I liked it or not.

    It starts OK, nothing spectacular at the beginning (well maybe that episode when David, a journalist at this point, visits the brothel - I stil

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    Last night, I listened to the end of this audiobook with tears in my eyes. I won't easily forget those last scenes.

    My favorite parts of this story were the visits to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. I love the idea of a place where:

    Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The first time someone visits t

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    In The Angel’s Game Zafon returns us to the Barcelona of his prior novel, Shadow of the Wind. Young David Martin is a copy boy at The Voice of Industry, but the newspaper’s star writer, Pedro Vidal, has been promoting David to the editor. Given a chance to write, David blossoms. Vidal later pushes him out of the newspaper so he can work for a

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