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Grande Sertão: Veredas Lively reminiscences of bandit warfare in the sertao, the still primitive Brazilian back country, told by a wise, retired outlaw chief ~WorldcatGrande Sertão: Veredas Portuguese for Great Backlands: Tracks; English translation: The Devil to Pay in the Backlands is a novel published inby the Brazilian writer João Guimarães RosaThe original title refers to the veredassmall paths through wetlands usually located at higher altitudes characterized by the presence of grasses and buritizais, groups of the buriti palmtree Mauritia flexuosa, that crisscross the Sertão region in northern Minas Gerais, Southeast Brazilas a labyrinthine net where an outsider can easily get lost, and where there is no single way to a certain place, since all paths interconnect in such a way that any road can lead anywhere The English title refers to a later episode in the book involving an attempt to make a deal with the Devil Most of the book's spirit is however lost in translation, as the Portuguese original is written in a register that is both archaic and colloquial, making it a very difficult book to translate The combination of its size, linguistic oddness and polemic themes caused a shock when it was published, but now it is considered one of the most important novels of South American literatureIn apoll ofnoted writers conducted by Norwegian Book Clubs, the book was named among the topbooks of all time

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    The Devil to Pay in the Backlands is generously and lushly multilayered: a soldier of fortune’s tale, historical saga, insurgent chronicles and even a delicate romantic mystery – and always a

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    I wouldn't have discovered this book without my brother, who mentioned it to me in late 2012.

    Wow! After reading it, now I understand why in a 2002 poll of 100 noted writers (see this book'

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    “I speak with twisted words. I narrate my life, which I did not understand. You are a very clever man, of learning and good sense. But don't get impatient, don't expect rain during t

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    Learn the name Alison Entrekin. She is translating. Translating Grande Sertão: Veredas.

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    UPDATE: Thoughts after rereading the book this year.

    This novel from Brazil was a haphazard record of Riobaldo's tale of his adventures as a member of a jagunço (armed ruffian) outfit under different lea

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    The Devil to Pay is the first Brazilian novel that I've ever read and it is one of the most explicit and beautiful explorations of gender and sexuality in literature: particularly of masculinity and male love. (It's a sh

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    Grande Sertao: Veredas, by Joao Guimaraes Rosa
    Translated as The Devil to Pay in the Backlands

    This is a great book. I loved it.
    It seems that I am growing very fond of the Latin American Literature…I l

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    You frequently hear how terrible this translation is... and how it does the original such a disservice. What’s incredible is despite this, the English translation still reads like a masterpiece of the highest order. I can’t ev

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    wonderful book. haven't read a prose this good in a while, can't help but put it near joyce, both in quality and style.

    600 pages of continuous monologue with no chapters defined.
    600 pages of impecable prose, line-by-l

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    Not enough stars to rate this book. Absolute No 1 in literature ever. Light years ahead of anything else.

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